Venom Might End Up Being PG-13

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The latest Venom trailer might have garnered a mixed reaction but fans are still fairly excited about it. Having Tom Hardy as the symbiote anti-hero is a great selling point and the CGI for Venom himself looks pretty slick. Plus, it looks like a violently good time if the trailers are anything to go by.

Unfortunately, it might not be as violent as fans want it to be as a recent report from Variety claims that Sony might make the movie PG-13 in case they want to crossover with the MCU.

Wanting to crossover with the MCU makes plenty of sense since fans want to see Tom Holland's Spider-Man take on Tom Hardy's Venom. That being said, the trailer teased plenty of graphic violence that fans of the character have wanted to see for some time, so to see that reduced for a PG-13 rating is pretty disappointing.


Plus, it goes against earlier claims that Sony wanted their cinematic universe to have films like Logan or Deadpool, which are both R-rated and good in their own right. Logan was basically a farewell to the older X-Men movies while Deadpool is set in its own universe, though the second film seemingly confirmed that his movies are set in the same timeline as the upcoming Dark Phoenix.

Venom is coming out on October 5. Whether its PG-13 or R-18, let's just hope its a good movie.

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