Venom: Gotham's Joker Wants To Play Carnage

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We already know that Sony's Venom movie will feature Carnage as the villain, but we still don't have any casting announcements for the character. Gotham's Cameron Monaghan, who plays the proto-Joker, is reportedly interested in taking up the role.

It's probably all thanks to Pandamanda on Twitter who came up with the idea of casting Monaghan in the first place. Here's the exchange:

In my opinion, I think Monaghan is too young to play opposite Tom Hardy's Venom. Sure he could be murderous and evil in Gotham, but that show is kind of a cartoon in itself. Sony may want someone older to play serial killer Cletus Kasady.


Way back before The Amazing Spider-Man was even a thing, rumors had come out that Jim Carrey could be playing Carnage. We all know he can play serious and act crazy, but I think he's pretty much left the spotlight now (on purpose, mind you).

For now, I don't really have anyone in mind to play a good Carnage. I really like Pablo Schreiber from American Gods though. He's the guy who plays the leprechaun Mad Sweeney. It would also be crazy if they cast Christian Bale as Kasady. We all know he can play an American psycho like it's nobody's business.

Venom is set for a release Oct. 5, 2018.

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