Venom 2 Might Be Directed By Black Panther Star Andy Serkis

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It looks like Andy Serkis simply couldn't get away from Marvel characters. A new report suggests that the Black Panther star could be meeting up with Sony to be a part of the highly anticipated sequel Venom 2. However, Serkis isn't going to be playing yet another villain. This time, he could be sitting in the director's chair.

The report comes from The Hollywood Reporter which confirms Serkis has met with "Sony brass" to discuss the sequel to the 2018 film. Interestingly, it is revealed that the Lord of the Rings actor is being considered as a potential director for Venom 2. According to the report, Serkis had flown into Los Angeles for the meeting but Sony has yet to confirm whether the Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle director has agreed to take on the project.

The idea of Serkis helming Venom 2 seems like a good one considering that he has already proven his skills as a director. However, we will need to wait for a proper announcement from Sony.


The premise of Venom 2 is still unclear but there is little doubt that Hardy will return to reprise his role as Eddie Brock, a journalist who shares his body with an alien symbiote. Fans are also hoping that Michelle Williams will be brought back as Anne Weying so she could fully embrace the role of She-Venom.

According to the report, Sony wants Venom 2 to begin production by November. Looks like Serkis needs to make a decision about taking on the project really soon.

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