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Spider-Man Far from Home Close to Being First Spidey Movie to Earn $1 Billion

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Spider-Man: Far from Home has only been in the box office for two weeks, but the movie is set to break a new record soon. As it turns out, it could very well be the first Spidey film to make it past the $1 billion mark.

As per ComicBookMovie, Spider-Man: Far from Home has already made a worldwide profit of $847 million. As of now, the top spot of most profitable Spider-Man movie still belongs to Sam Raimi's Spider-Man 3 which earned $890.9 million in the box office. At this rate (and a lot of overwhelmingly positive reviews), it looks like Far from Home could actually reach its billion-dollar goal.

What's interesting is, last week, a rumor came out that Far from Home has to earn a billion in the box office, or else Sony will rethink their deal with Marvel and regain full creative control of Spider-Man. If this film manages to earn a billion, then Marvel Studios will get the greenlight and will be able to make the third movie their way.

As of now, it looks like Sony is rethinking their plans for the SUMC. Though Venom 2 has been greenlit, there's still no director and no clear release window. Morbeus is currently in the works, but we haven't gotten word of all the other planned spinoffs like the Kraven the Hunter film as well as the movies with Black Cat and Silver Sable.

If I'm being honest, the only Spider-Man franchise Sony should pursue is Into the Spider-Verse. I honestly have no idea how Venom got maid in the midst of the current superhero movie climate.

For now, catch Spider-Man: Far from Home in theaters today.

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