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Variety Show Host Boom Announces Marriage

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Credit: Amazing Saturday/YouTube Screenshot

Variety show host Boom brings good news about his upcoming marriage.

Boom debuted in 1997 as a member of the group Key with the 1st album of the same name. The group, unfortunately, disbanded a year after. He then joined several groups right after, such as Nuclear in 1999 and Lexa in 2001.

Since then, Boom has worked as a solo artist with his first single, “Boom Up,” which was immediately followed by the second single, “Shout Out,” in 2007.

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Boom Announces Marriage To Non-Celebrity Girlfriend

On March 10, SKY E&M, Boom’s agency, released an official statement revealing the good news about the all-around entertainer. According to the agency, Boom will have his wedding somewhere in Seoul on April 9.

Specific details about the grand union were not revealed except that the bride-to-be is a long-time acquaintance of the entertainer and had naturally developed feelings for each other through empathizing and constant communication.

Here is the official statement of Boom’s agency, SKY E&M.

Entertainer Boom will have his wedding somewhere in Seoul on April 9th, Saturday.
After a long time as an acquaintance, Boom and the bride-to-be naturally developed into being in a relationship through deep sympathy and communication with each other. They decided to get married with a firm belief that they could accompany each other in life before and after marriage.
As it is a time for everyone to be careful, the wedding will be held privately with close acquaintances and the parents of both families.
In addition, we ask for everyone’s understanding that we cannot disclose more details about the marriage in consideration for the bride-to-be who is not a celebrity.
We are asking for your warm blessings and support for the future of the two people who are sharing a special and precious beginning in their lives. We will strive hard to continue showing Boom’s better side both on and off the broadcast with greater responsibility.
Thank you.

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Boom Expresses Her Emotions Through A Handwritten Letter Following The News Of His Marriage

After the announcement of his marriage, Boom personally expressed his inner feelings through his official fan community.

Here is the rough translation of Boom’s handwritten letter announcing his marriage to beloved fans.

To my reliable existence, to my CheonJaeJiBoom (fandom name of Boom).
Thank you so much for always supporting me even though I lack a lot of things. It is difficult for me to tell you this because I cannot express myself properly, but JiBoom is a great help in providing me with strength. I am always grateful.
I debuted at the young age of 17 and since then ran straight forward, and 24 years have already passed by since I debuted, and I’m already 41 years old.
I personally feel that time is like a flowing stream these days. So I am in shows with a precious heart day by day, and I am very grateful for giving happiness to you with my own energy. I spend every day grateful and constantly feeling happy with your love.
There is something I want to tell everyone who is so precious to me, so I am writing this to my fans right now. I am relaying this with excitement and nervousness. I, Boom, am getting married in the warm spring of April 9th.
I met a precious person who I want to be with forever while respecting each other and with the happiness of forming a family made with faith and love. You will beautifully cheer and support us like how much you have cared about me, right?
I always had a dream of having a happy family in my heart. As this is a marriage at a late age, I will show you a happy couple who is surrounded with so much love that we can share it with everyone around us and show how I can be a good husband who can sincerely look after and hug my wife and family. I am very nervous.
I will always keep the love you gave me engraved in my heart and continue to be the Boom with a humble attitude who can make everyone laugh. Please send us a lot of blessings and support. I am always grateful and thank you. Please stay healthy during the change of seasons and always be happy. Boom will live well.

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Meanwhile, Boom is currently hosting the tvN variety show Amazing Saturday alongside Girls’ Generation Taeyeon, SHINee Key, Block B P.O, Shin Dong Yup, Kim Dong Hyun, Moon Se Yoon, Park Narae, Hanhae, and Nucksal.

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