Vanellope is the Reason the Disney Princesses Wear PJs in Wreck-It Ralph 2

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Just like the first Wreck-It Ralph film, Ralph Breaks the Internet promises to give us a lot of fantastic character cameos, and with the internet being the playground, we have a bigger roster to pick from. The movie has shown us that every Disney princess will be making a cameo on the show, and Disney has released a new image of everyone in their pyjamas.

Check them out (via Entertainment Weekly):

Of course, the scene has Vanellope in the very middle of everything, and it's revealed that she was the one to convince the princesses to wear casual. This is what voice actress Sarah Silverman had to say about the character:


"I'm very proud of my character being a Disney princess with a human waist. I love that she is a princess but wears, like, a hoodie, and she inspires them all to wear comfortable clothes… It didn't really cross my mind that I'm a Disney princess — like, that I'm canon— until we all met this year, and I got a little choked up. It's corny, I know, but I was like, ‘Oh s—t, right. I'm this Jewish, comfortable-clothes-wearing Disney princess. How cool is that?"

So far, everyone is excited for what's in store in the Wreck-It Ralph sequel. Besides the usual Disney characters that will be popping up, we know we're going to get some characters from Star Wars as well. Don't forget that Marvel Studios also falls under the Disney banner so we should be seeing the likes of Captain America or Iron Man as well.

Catch Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 in theaters Nov. 21.

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