VALORANT New Fracture Trailer Hints at New Agent

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On Wednesday, Riot revealed the a new VALORANT map called Fracture, which is marked by its H-shaped layout with a visual split down the middle that reveals contrasting sides. The developer also released a trailer to hype fans up, and the mysterious narrator left them with unanswered questions.

Valorant - Deadeye
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Credit: Riot Games

The teaser for Fracture gives us a sneak peek at what we can expect from the seventh VALORANT map, including landscapes that vary from overgrown foliage to an arid desert. There's also a broken reactor at the center of the map, which will likely have more lore implications. The most intriguing part of the trailer is the narrator, which has a mysterious voice, possibly hinting at a new agent.

Watch the trailer for Fracture here:

The Fracture trailer starts with a gold-plated bullet breaking apart while the core of the projectile continues to speed through the air. The frame then changes to reveal two bullets speeding directly at each other, colliding to destroy a reactor, causing an explosion. The destruction of the reactor seemingly causes a lot of the power to shut down all over the island.

A voice in French accent is mysteriously narrating the entire time.

"Incredible that something so small can create such opportunity," the cryptic voice says. "Their efforts were noble, but sacrifices must be made. Ah, such a pity."

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Back in June, Riot Games previously teased a well-dressed agent named Deadeye in the game's Year One Anthem trailer. Fans got a first look at the mysterious figure wearing glasses with hair slicked back, and wielding a long-barreled gun.

Since Deadeye is the only teased agent on the horizon, it's likely that the mysterious voice belongs to the upcoming agent; the bullet at the beginning of the trailer may also hint at one of his abilities, since he's seen wielding a rifle in the Year One Anthem trailer.

Riot hasn't announced when the next VALORANT agent will be released yet, but it's likely after Episode 3, Act 2: Reflection, which is set to launch on September 8 along with the new Fracture map.

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