Riot Games Reveals New VALORANT Agent 'Harbor', An Indian Controller Who Can Manipulate Water

Riot Games has officially revealed the new VALORANT Agent, Harbor. As you can see in the tweet below, a new artwork of the new Agent is shown, giving us our first look at Harbor, and confirming his Indian origin. The image below also reveals Harbor riding a motorcycle in front of huge waves, confirming that the new Agent has water manipulation powers.

Riot recently shared two teasers for the upcoming Agent, who's expected to arrive in VALORANT with the launch of the new Act later this month, but fans will have to wait for Riot to reveal what his abilities actually do in the game.

Harbor's codename prior to this reveal was "Mage", and he's considered to be Agent 21 in the VALORANT Protocol, an independent, covert operation from Alpha Earth founded and set up in response to First Light, consisting of Agents from all around the globe.

Riot previously confirmed that Harbor will be a Controller type Agent, so he will be the fifth Controller Agent after Omen, Brimstone, Viper, and Astra, so expect one or more of his abilities to help "smoke" or distort the enemy's vision. His abilities have reportedly been leaked back in August 2022, but Riot hasn't officially confirmed if the details were legit.

Harbor is expected to be added to VALORANT when Episode 5, Act 3 launches in a few days, so expect more teasers from Riot soon. Content creators and streamers will also get early access to the new Agent, so expect to find out more within the next couple of weeks.

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You can read more details about Harbor in everything we know about Agent 21.

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