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Riot Teases New VALORANT Agent, A Controller With Water Manipulation Powers

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The next VALORANT Agent is expected to arrive on the third act of Episode 5, and Riot Games has been sharing teasers to hype up the new Agent, including two new ones shared between October 9 and 10.

The first teaser features the perspective of a livestreamer at a small dhaba, a roadside Indian type of fast food spot that typically serves local cuisine. A loud rumbling interrupts the streamer and his partner, and the camera pans to a shaking glass with the water inside being manipulated out. Before the video ends, two out-of-focus rocket-propelled motorbikes zip past, and the streamer asks, "What was that?".

On Oct. 10, Riot released another teaser that gives some insight into what the upcoming Agent's abilities could look like. The quick teaser reveals a launcher firing a small hand-held device that bounces off the ground before it charges-up to detonate, but the video cuts before it shows what the detonation looks like.

Since Riot already confirmed that the next VALORANT Agent is a Controller type, it's likely that the new device produces a vision-obscuring material when it detonates.

The first teaser matches what previous hints have suggested: the new Agent will be of Indian origin, and their abilities have something to do with water-manipulation, but at the time of this writing, Riot hasn't fully revealed the name, appearance, and details of the new Agent's toolkit, but expect more teasers and information to arrive this month.

Back in August 2022, the new Agent's abilities were reportedly leaked, but Riot hasn't officially confirmed these details.

VALORANT Agent 21, codenamed "Mage", is expected to arrive in Episode 5, Act 3 in October 2022.

For more information about the new Agent, read everything we know about VALORANT Agent 21 here.


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