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VALORANT Magepunk 2.0 Weapon Skin Bundle Revealed by Riot Games

Riot Games has revealed the next VALORANT weapon skin bundle: Magepunk 2.0. The brand new weapon skins feature magepunk style aesthetics, and just like the first Magepunk bundle, they feature cool electricity animation that brings mechanized magic back in the palm of your hand.

VALORANT Magepunk 2.0
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Credit: Riot Games
VALORANT Magepunk 2.0

As shown in the image above, the Magepunk 2.0 skin features skins for a strange selection of weapons. Sadly, there are no Phantom or Vandal skins, but this bundle is arguably better overall than the first Magepunk bundle.

The Magepunk 2.0 weapon skin bundle includes weapon skins for the Sheriff, Guardian, Aries, the Operator, and the Magepunk Shock Gauntlet as the new melee weapon skin; the first Magepunk bundle featured skins for Ghost, Spectre, Bucky, Marshal, and a dagger with electric animation.

The melee definitely looks cooler than the first Magepunk's electric dagger. Fans of streampunk genre would definitely love the designs of these special weapon skins.

Check out the cool weapon skin for the Operator, which features a spyglass-like cover in its scope:

The Magepunk 2.0 weapon skin bundle drops today in the VALORANT store. The entire premium bundle is expected to cost 7,100 VP. Of course, you can buy each weapon skin individually if you prefer.

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Just like other upgradeable weapon skins, you will need Radianite Points (RP) to upgrade them with cool animations, visual effects, and finisher animation, which is pretty much the same as the finisher featured with the first batch of Magepunk weapon skins. There are also color variants for the electricity animation featured in the new weapon skins.

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