08 Sep 2021 11:15 AM +00:00 UTC

VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2: Reflection Trailer Shows Off New Fracture Map and New Battle Pass Weapon Skins

Riot Games has released the kickoff trailer for VALORANT Epiosde 3 Act 2: Reflection, showcasing the new Fracture map that will be added to the game in today's major update.

Watch the spectacular trailer for VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2: Reflection here:

Titled Turned Up the Pressure, the new trailer features various agents unleashing their signature abilities in Fracture, the seventh VALORANT map, and the first to feature a unique H-shaped layout and unorthodox attacker/defender spawns. The gameplay of Fracture was inspired by The Lord of the Rings, according to VALORANT Level Designer, Joe Lansford.

Valorant Episode 3 Act 2
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Credit: Riot Games

The dual-biome map features desert environment with its abandoned facilties on one end, and the other half is contrasted by lush overgrown foilage left to take over the science facility. At the middle of the map, close to where the Attackers spawn, is where the central collider is found, and players can zipline through underneath it.

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The new trailer also highlights the new content that comes with the Episode 3, Act 2 battlepass, which includes new weapon skins and in-game cosmetics, including sprays inspired by hilarious memes. You can check out more details about the new battlepass here.


Episode 3, Act 2:


launches today, September 8.

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