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VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2 Battlepass Skins and More Details Revealed

Riot Games has revealed the VALORANT Episode 3 Act 2 Battlepass, and just like the previous battlepasses, this one comes with new weapon skins, player cards, sprays, and more.

Valorant Reflection
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Credit: Riot Games

This is the first VALORANT battlepass to feature a Phantom, Vandal, and Operator skin. As VALORANT Art Lead Sean Marino points out, "Artisan and Varnish should feel like they're made of luxury high-end materials, while Nitro is very graphic and flashy. For the accessories, we tried to incorporate a lot more jokes and memes into this battlepass, especially since players really seemed to enjoy some of the more meme stuff we'd put into others."

Check out the Artisan, Nitro, and Varnish weapon skins that you can unlock with the VALORANT Episode 3, Act 2 Battlepass:

Artisan (Bucky, Ghost, Marshal, Phantom, Melee)


Nitro (Guardian, Odin, Operator, Vandal)

Varnish (Bulldog, Judge, Sheriff, Stinger)

Key Items

  • Artisan Ghost Weapon Skin w/ Variants
  • Time's Up Gun Buddy
  • Artisan Gun Buddy
  • Nice Try! Spray
  • Versus // Phoenix + Phoenix Card
  • Artisan Foil (melee) w/ Variants
  • Artisan Phantom
  • Nitro Operator
  • Nitro Vandal
  • Varnish Sheriff
  • Follow Me Gun Buddy
  • Does Not Compute Spray
  • Unstoppable // Reyna Card

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This time around, the developers have taken a more playful approach to the new accessories players can unlock with the Episode 3, Act 2 Battlepass.

When it comes to designing the new items for the VALORANT Episode 3, Act Battlepass, Senior Producer Preeti Khanolkar said, "We're trying to create more "series" content so that players who enjoy collecting items can add to their collections. Some examples of these are the Map Schema, Weapon Manufacturer Schema, and Versus cards. The newest addition we're excited about are the Unstoppable card series, the first of which features Reyna in her ult form draining the souls of enemies she's killed. These cards should portray our agents in their most powerful state, their power fantasy. This idea may feel familiar to players who were around during Closed Beta, when we featured a few similar cards for Phoenix, Viper, etc. We get a lot of messages from players asking us to bring back those Beta cards. While those cards won't be coming back in the same form, the Unstoppable series is our way of paying homage to those old cards. So, yes, we'll eventually do an Unstoppable Viper and Phoenix card!"

Khanolkar also said that "the Follow Me Buddy is probably the best buddy we've ever put in a Battlepass".

VALORANT Episode 3, Act will launch on September 8.

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