Valorant Champions Tour 2021: All The Teams That Have Won The Masters

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The first stage of the Valorant Champions Tour 2021 has wrapped up as Masters champions across the world have been crowned in their respective regions after making it through qualification series, Challenges, and competing against the best teams in North America, Latin America, Southeast Asia, Japan, Korea, Europe, and Oceania.

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Credit: Riot Games

North America, Latin America, and Brazil

In North America, Sentinels took the crown as their team dominated the competition, only dropping one map in the entire tournament, and winning 3-0 in the finals against FaZe.


In Brazil, Team Vikings won the Masters title, beating the First Strike champions, Gamelanders 3-0 in the finals.


In Latin America, two Chilean teams competed at the Masters Grand Finals with Australs winning the Masters title in a 3-0 over Wygers Argentina.

Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea

In Southeast Asia Grand Finals, Thailand's X10 Esports won the Masters crown 3-2 over the Singapore-based Team SMG. X10 Esports breezed through the competition, not dropping a map in the single-elimnation tournament bracket. The match was close but X10 Esports won 13-9 on Haven in the final map.

In Korea, Vision Strikers have dominated the tournament. They're considered as one of the best teams in the world due to their tactical set plays and consistency. Vision Strikers defeated NUTURN in the Masters final, 3-2, closing the match 13-2 on Ascent.


In Japan, Crazy Raccoon took the crown after defeating Crazy Jupiter, a top-ranked team that had yet to lose in 2021 up to the Masters final. Crazy Jupiter's last recorded loss was in October 2020 at the hands of Vision Strikers. Crazy Racoon emerged from the lower bracket after Crazy Jupiter beat them down in the upper bracket final. However, Crazy Raccoon made a comeback and defeated the top team, 3-0.

Europe and Oceania

In the European Grand Finals, Ascent took the crown after defeating Team Heretics. The team was not well-known before qualifying for the Masters, but they dominated through many favorites to win the Masters 3-2.


In Oceania, ORDER took the crown after defeating Mindfreak.


In the CIS region, Gambit Esports took the title 3-0 over ForZ, and in Turkey, Futbolist was crowned the Masters title,3-0. The team only dropped a single map, and they defeated BBL Esports in the finals.

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International competition is slated to begin by the end of May.