17 Mar 2021 4:00 PM +00:00 UTC

Valorant Mysterious Teaser Potentially Hints a New Map, Agent, or Cinematic Footage

Valorant players have been anticipating for the next map. So far, Riot's tacitcal shooter has only five maps: Bind, Haven, Split, Ascent, and Icebox, and having more maps would make give players more refreshing gameplay experiences. It's been a few months since the Riot launched the latest map, Icebox, and players are wondering when the next one will be out. A recent Valorant teaser may potentially be hinting at a new map, agent, or cinematic footage.

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Credit: Riot Games

On the Valorant Arabia Twitter account, Riot shared a mysterious 9-second teaser without much context, leaving fans wondering what the video is for. The teaser gives us a glimpse of a small street in what appears to be a desert with an unknown voice speaking in Arabic. While some fans are claiming that it resembles the already-existing Bind map, others believe that it potentially teases a new map or agent. It may also be a teaser for an upcoming cinematic trailer that will be released to expand the lore of Valorant.

According to a fan on Reddit, the English translation for the voice-over heard in the teaser says "in times of war/battle do not be afraid of bombs", and the text featured at the end means "get ready."

FPS fans on social media are also calling out the setting's resemblance to CS:GO's desert maps, Mirage and De Dust. There are 41 days left before Valorant Episode 2, Act 2 concludes, so could this teaser hint at a new map, agent, or cinematic trailer for Act 3?

In last December's dev post, creative director David Nottingham said that Riot plans to expand the lore of Valorant, and he shared images, including a look at Viper and Phoenix in a location that resembles what's shown in the new teaer. This could mean that a new cinematic trailer is coming soon.


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Riot hasn't officially confirmed this information yet. Let us know what you think about what this teaser could mean in the comments section below.