What the New CEO for Warner Brothers Means for the Future of the DCEU and Superman

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Warner Brothers' organizational structure might have met another major shift this year, but it looks like the DCEU is safe in the hands of the studio's new CEO, Ann Sarnoff.

Sarnoff is officially taking charge of Warner Bros. in August, replacing Kevin Tsujihara after the former executive decided to resign as CEO of the company following some major controversy. Now, speaking in an interview with Variety, Sarnoff reveals that she actually has a pretty good connection to the DC Universe, noting that her father-in-law, Bill Sarnoff, was the one responsible for approving Christopher Reeve to play Kal-El in the classic Superman movie by Richard Donner.


The entertainment news outlet also noted the significance of the DCEU in Sarnoff plans, writing, "flash-forward 50 years, and the DC trove is more important to the studio's health than ever."

Though the article doesn't really discuss what WB's upcoming CEO has to offer the DCEU, it does assure fans that Sarnoff is more than capable of leading the studio to success. Not only is she described as an executive who's "very good at bringing people together, she can easily spot good ideas," but Sarnoff is also painted as an individual who has "a business side and a creative side that is rare to find in one person."

This is definitely good news for DC fans. One of the biggest reasons why the DCEU had a hard time lifting off was because of studio interference – WB just couldn't let its filmmakers do what they want.

Hopefully, Sarnoff is going to change this for the better.


DC's next film, Joker, premieres on October 3, 2019.

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