Shazam Concept Artist Confirms Costume Easter Egg

Released earlier this year, Shazam is a lot of people's favorite DC film, with many loving the lighter tone and fun jokes. While far from a masterpiece, with some fans even preferring the Zack Snyder DC films, most people feel that the film is a positive step forward for the company. The movie was a love letter to the character and DC comics in general, with fans spotting several easter eggs while watching it.

While Tawky Tawny didn't make an appearance, which made us Monster Society of Evil fans sad, eagle-eyed fans noticed that the buttons holding Shazam's cape have a tiger symbol in them. One of the film's concept artists opened up about this and revealed that this is indeed a tribute to Tawky Tawny since they couldn't add the actual tiger in the film.

If Tawny doesn't appear in the next film, this is the next best thing the filmmakers could do. The character is pretty silly, though the movie itself does have a tone that could fit Tawky Tawny. We will have to wait and see for a sequel if Tawny is included, though most people would rather see a fight between Shazam and Black Adam, the latter of whom is getting a solo flick.

Shazam is now available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and digital services.

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