Upcoming Pokemon Anime Introduces Two New Characters, Including Sword and Shield's Professor

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The new Pokemon anime coming out, simply called Pokemon, has gotten a lot of attention recently, thanks to Ash finally winning the Alolan Pokemon League and word that it was going to be a minor reboot. We know that Ash has a new friend in Go (maybe Goh? Is it Gou?) as they explore all the regions with their Pokemon. Now we have more characters to discuss since The Pokemon Company has introduced two new characters: Professor Sakuragi and his daughter Koharu.

Revealed by 4Gamer, Sakuragi will be the show's main professor while his daughter could be the next not-Misty who accompanies Ash in his journey. She also has a Yamper, showing more love to November's Sword and Shield games coming to the Nintendo Switch. Hopefully, they are fun characters since the writers often make Ash's comrades bland as hell.

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Credit: The Pokemon Company/4Gamer

Interestingly enough, Sakuragi is not the professor in Sword and Shield. Previous trailers already showed that we are getting a female professor called Professor Magnolia, so it's odd how The Pokemon Company aren't integrating her. Then again, this is meant to be Ash and his friends traveling to different regions so it's likely that Magnolia will appear when they go to the Alolan region.


How this new Pokemon anime will spin-off from Ash's win in Sun and Moon is going to be interesting. Then again, many are assuming that we will be getting a rebooted Ash, like the one from Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You. We'll just have to wait and see.

Pokemon is scheduled to come out sometime in 2020.

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