Galarian Ponyta Has Been Confirmed and is Exclusive to Pokemon Shield

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After Sirfetch'd was introduced as a Pokemon Sword exclusive, fans who are purchasing Shield wondered if they would be getting any exclusive Pokemon. Thankfully, that has been answered with the recent revelation of Galarian Ponyta, who was confirmed to be a Pokemon Shield exclusive. These exclusives ensure that people will be buying both Pokemon Sword and Shield, which is exactly what Nintendo and Game Freak want.

For now, let's not think about how capitalism rules over the video game market and focus on how cute Galarian Ponyta is.


The Pokemon Company has confirmed that Galarian Ponyta is a Psychic-type Pokemon. Originally a Fire-type Pokemon when discovered in the Kanto region, exposure to the life energy of Galar's forests have changed the appearance and attacks of Ponyta. This new version of the beloved Pokemon can absorb life force and store it in its mane, hence the constant color changes.

Of course, it can also release that energy into an attack because that's how Pokemon games roll.

Now for the real question; what does Galarian Rapidash look like? If Game Freak reveals that Galarian Ponyta turns into a basic Rapidash, many Pokemon fans are going to be disappointed. At the least, we Shield fans now have a cool-looking Pokemon so we won't just be jealous of how awesome Sirfetch'd is in Sword. Plus, Psychic-types beat Fighting-types.

Pokemon Sword and Shield come out on November 15. The two games will be exclusive to Nintendo Switch.

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