11 Feb 2019 11:05 AM +00:00 UTC

Upcoming Magic: The Gathering Innovation Product Expected to Impact Modern Format

Wizards of the Coast

Last week, Wizards of the Coast announced a new Magic: The Gathering product aimed for players of the game's Modern format, and Magic Head Designer Mark Rosewater described it as this year's "innovation product" though we still have to wait later this month for them to reveal more details about it. Now, Rosewater has confirmed that the upcoming Magic product will have an impact on the Modern format.

"If Blake is to be believed (and he is), it's going to have an impact on Modern," Rosewater wrote on his Blogatog.


Rosewater was referring to Blake Rasmussen, Wizards of the Coast's Editor-in-Chief of DailyMTG and one of the two people who announced the upcoming Magic innovative Magic product.

It's still unclear what the innovative product is but it's exciting to hear from Rosewater that it will make an impact on the Modern format. We already know that it's not another Masters set since they said that they won't be making another in the foreseeable future; while many fans are guessing that they would be Modern Challenger Decks (individual preconstructed 75-card decks), they're not something you would consider "innovative" since it's been done before. My best guess is that it's probably a set of new cards that will be legal for Modern format but we'll have to wait and see.

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Epicstream will keep you updated with the latest MTG news so look forward to that announcement this month.

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