Unlettered Preview of The Sentry #1 Makes Our Hero Even More Like Superman

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One of the more interesting comics announced for Marvel's Fresh Start relaunch was The Sentry by Jeff Lemire and Kim Jacinto. The Sentry had always been one of Marvel's many Superman analogs with a few interesting twists revolving around his split personality The Void. Lemire seems to be playing into the Superman analog comparison if this preview of the first issue is any indication.

Revealed by ComicBook.com, one thing fans will notice aside from the gorgeous art from Kim Jacinto is the new Sentry family. No names have been announced yet but we see a Sentry Boy, Sentry Girl, and Sentry Dog, all of which seems to be directly lifted from Superman.

(Marvel Comics/Kim Jacinto)


(Marvel Comics/Kim Jacinto)

(Marvel Comics/Kim Jacinto)

This is pretty obvious to any casual Superman fan but knowing Jeff Lemire and the history of The Sentry there is probably something more sinister that will follow. Considering how we last saw Sentry as a horseman of Apocalypse, he's actually in a better place right now.

Created by Paul Jenkins and Jae Lee, The Sentry was originally part of the Marvel Knights initiative where he was dubbed as the first Marvel superhero no one knew about. The character's secret history was later used in that original mini-series and we eventually saw him used prominently in Brian Michael Bendis' New Avengers.

The Sentry #1 comes to comic book stores this June.

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