Under The Queen’s Umbrella Surpasses One Dollar Lawyer in Most Buzzworthy Drama, Actor Rankings

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

After Namgoong Min’s One Dollar Lawyer sweeped the Most Buzzworthy Drama and Actor Rankings, the weekly chart has a new title holder with none other than Under the Queen’s Umbrella.

Based on Good Data Corporation's recent weekly chart it unveiled top 10 current and upcoming dramas as well as 10 actors who are gaining the most buzz

The ranking includes data from blog posts, online communities, news articles, videos, and social media posts.

Interestingly, the Kim Hye Soo starred series Under the Queen’s Umbrella is taking the lead in Most Buzzworthy Drama rankings.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella is the New Most Buzzworthy Drama

For the fourth week of October, Under the Queen’s Umbrella surpassed the reign of One Dollar Lawyer which topped the previous Most Buzzworthy Drama rankings.

The rise comes after the historical K-drama marked its new personal best in viewership rating.

Meanwhile, from the top spot of the same category, Namgoong Min’s drama One Dollar Lawyer slid to second place, followed by the youth romance series Cheer Up which retained its ranking at third.

Interestingly, several K-dramas retain their position as MBC’s The Golden Spoon, tvN’s Love in Contract, and KBS2’s Bad Prosecutor land at fourth, fifth, and sixth respectively.

However, the newcomer May I Help You? entered seventh place.

Check out the complete list of the top 10 Most Buzzworthy Dramas as cited by Good Date Corporation

  1. The Queen’s Umbrella
  2. One Dollar Lawyer
  3. Cheer Up
  4. The Golden Spoon
  5. Love in Contract
  6. Bad Prosecutor
  7. May I Help You?
  8. Three Bold Siblings
  9. The Law Cafe
  10. Blind

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Most Buzzworthy Actor Rankings

From drama rankings to the Most Buzzworthy Actor list, Under the Queen’s Umbrella took the top spot with Kim Hye Soo ascending from fifth to first place for the fourth week of October.

Joining the award-winning actress is Bae In Hyuk at eighth while Moon Sang Min ranked ninth place.

In the drama, Bae In Hyuk took the role of the Crown Prince who suffers from a mysterious disease.

Meanwhile, Moon Sang Min plays In Hyuk’s on-screen brother as he takes the character of Grand Prince Seongnam.

With this, it left Namgoong Min in second place followed by Han Ji Hyun from Cheer Up.

Interestingly, two lead stars from the rom-com series Love in Contract made the last week of October’s chart.

Park Min Young, who plays Choi Sang Eun lands fourth while Go Kyung Pyo, who acts as judge Jung Ji Ho made it at sixth place.

Here’s the complete list of the top 10 most buzzworthy actors as revealed by Good Data Corporation.

  1. Kim Hye Soo (The Queen’s Umbrella)
  2. Namgoong Min (One Dollar Lawyer)
  3. Han Ji Hyun (Cheer Up)
  4. Park Min Young (Love in Contract)
  5. Yook Sungjae (The Golden Spoon)
  6. Go Kyung Pyo (Love in Contract)
  7. Bae In Hyuk (Cheer Up)
  8. Bae In Hyuk (The Queen’s Umbrella)
  9. Moon Sang Min (The Queen’s Umbrella)
  10. Hyeri (May I Help You?)

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