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Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8 Recap: Moon Sang Min’s Near-Death Experience

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Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 8 proves its reign as Kim Hye Soo’s drama scores a new achievement.

Meanwhile, things between the participants and the concubines get intense as the selection of the next Crown prince continues.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Viewership

After falling short in rating, Under the Queen’s Umbrella soars to its highest viewership yet after garnering an average nationwide rating of 11.8 percent, according to Nielsen Korea, as obtained by Soompi.

With this, episode 8 marked the drama’s new personal best for the show.

Interestingly, this is the second time that the tvN historical K-drama scored a double-digit rating.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 8 Recap

In order to protect her sons against the scheming opponents, the Queen gathered all the concubines for a special activity at her quarters. This is to prevent them from cheating as the Taekhyeon or the selection period is being held.

However, Queen Im Hwa Ryeong noticed that Consort Ko was missing. Due to this, the royal sent his men to look after the grand princes without them being noticed.

At the contest, the participants as well as the council were surprised by how challenging the activities are. It includes bringing back familiar faces whom the King has worked with for a long time.

The first one who could bring the identified person to the palace wins.

Interestingly, Grand Prince Seongnam takes the lead at the Taekhyeon. Thanks to the Crown Prince who taught him the essential skills that a royal needs to have.

However, with him leading the rise, his opponents planned on setting their game plan to get ahead of the contest.

A group of bandits tried to kill the young prince, thankfully Queen Im Hwa Ryeong’s men beat the group, killing the bandit leader.

At the palace, the King handed over the sword as evidence to the State Chief Council and asked him if he knew about the incident.

Of course, he knew about the incident as he was among those who planned with the mastermind.

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With another danger for her family, the Queen promised to get to the bottom of it.

In one scene, the Queen managed to get hold of the second in command of the bandit and tortured him until he spills the details.

The man mentioned that a woman who smelled peony and wore a jade frog on her headdress was the person whom their leader met in exchange for cash.

Right then and there, Queen Im Hwa Ryeong who was behind it-- and it was none other than Queen Dowager Cho while the said person who paid the bandit the reward prize was her trusted Court Lady Oh.

When and Where to Watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 9?

While viewers patiently wait for the new episode, Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 9 is set to air on November 12.

Interestingly, viewers could watch the ninth episode through tvN and Netflix for subtitles.

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