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Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7 Recap: Moon Sang Min Ready to Take the Blame to Protect Kim Hye Soo

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The Kim Hye Soo starred K-drama Under the Queen’s Umbrella showcases intense revelations as the concubines and princes step up their A-game.

Since the position left by the Crown Prince is still vacant, it is up to the King if he will continue with the selection or appoint the chosen royal as the next heir to the throne.

Cast and Where to Watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella?

The historical K-drama transforms Kim Hye Soo into the admirable and fearless Queen Im Hwa Ryeong. She vowed to do whatever it takes to protect her four sons, the grand princes, against influential people who want them out of the palace.

Unfortunately, it includes her mother-in-law, Queen Dowager Cho played by Kim Hae Sook along with her allies.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella airs every Saturday and Sunday via tvN and Netflix for subtitles.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Viewership

After hitting double-digit ratings for its third week of broadcast, Kim Hye Soo’s drama fell short for the November 5 broadcast.

According to Nielsen Korea, Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 7 viewership garnered an average nationwide of 9.365 percent, which is a major decrease from its previous episode of 11.289 percent.

Will the historical K-drama be able to bounce back from the slump and return with a new personal best?

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Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 7 Recap

The episode began with Queen Im Hwa Ryeong’s discovery of an attempt to murder the grand heir.

After the shocking needle marks were found on her grandson’s body, the Queen went straight to the nursemaid to find out the person behind the incident. Unfortunately, the nursemaid died but left a hint that an influential and powerful person was behind it.

The queen suspects one person and it is none other than the King’s mother, Queen Dowager Cho.

In Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 7, Grand Prince Seongnam privately spoke to the King and revealed that he knew about the medicine that was given to the Crown Prince.

He revealed to His Majesty that it was given by a physician in a different town and was instructed to use it for the royal.

Grand Prince Seongnam pointed out that it helped his brother’s illness but claimed that someone had poisoned him. With this, he wanted to reveal this in front of the council to spare his mother from facing more accusations.

However, the King, who is also his father, asked him not to intervene since it would be too risky for him but the young royal insisted that he could make the physician stand as the witness.

At the interrogation, the King faced physician Kwon to stand as a witness and revealed the person who gave him the medicine.

He revealed that it was the Queen however, everyone was stunned after Queen Im Hwa Ryeong mentioned the Crown Princess’ name and pointed out that it was her who sneaked the medicine inside the palace.

Due to this, her title was removed, and is set to live as a commoner. The same goes for her son and daughter.

The Crown Princess and her children are escorted outside the palace. However, Grand Prince Seongnam promised the grand heir that he will meet him.

Interestingly, it was a staged act between the Queen and the Crown Princess.

She granted the Crown Princess the wish to live outside the palace as she fears for the safety of her children. On the other hand, the Queen set up a secret house that only her allies knew about their new home.

In the last scene, the Queen promised that she will take them and return to the palace.

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