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Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 14 Recap: Kim Hye Soo Investigates The Death Of Two Crown Princes

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Kim Hye Soo is unbothered by the threats and challenges she is set to face as the fearless queen investigates the death of two royals in Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 14.

Apart from the surprising twists and turns featured in the episode, the tvN series scored new achievements ahead of the much awaited finale.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Rating

For its fourteenth episode, the historical drama sets its new personal best after scoring an average nationwide rating of 14.1 percent, as obtained by Soompi.

With this, Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 14 marked  a new personal best yet for the season.

When and Where to Watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 15?

Now down to the show’s finale week, viewers will get to see shocking revelations with the royal’s succession and the sudden deaths of two significant royals.

As for Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 15, it will be aired on December 3 with a run time of 1 hour and 10 minutes.

Interestingly, viewers will get to watch two last episodes of the historical K-drama on Saturday and Sunday, via tvN while global viewers could stream it on Netflix.

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Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 14 Recap

A new villain was featured in Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 14. Apart from Queen Dowager Cho, a surprising antagonist will be revealed.

In the beginning of the episode, Queen Dowager Cho found out that the father of Consort Hwang’s son, Prince Uiseong is not the King.

However, despite the senior royal’s claims, Consort Hwang insisted that Prince Uiseong is the eldest son of the King but it seemed like Her Royal Highness was not convinced with the concubine’s claim.

On the other hand, Queen Im Hwa Ryung managed to do some damage control after rumor sparked that the Crown Prince and Princess did not sleep together because of a certain problem with His Royal Highness.

The Queen pulled her connection and called a trained person to oversee the newlywed’s first night as a married couple.

After solving her concern with the Crown Prince, the Queen gets on with investigating the crown Prince’s death.

Thanks to Seongnam’s discovery, she felt that she is much closer to finding out the truth.

However, she was shocked when she figured out that gansu was the poison used by her son and cannot be detected just by placing a metal on it.

As soon as she confirmed this information, she went straight to the deposed Queen Yoon’s place.

Instead of delivering the news, Queen Im Hwa Ryung figured out that Royal Physician Kwon is the Queen’s surviving son and was the person behind her son’s death.

Queen Yoon said that she doesn't know her son’s plan but hints that she is in favor of it.

Now, the Queen is up against a former royal and believes that the King, Lee Ho will be his next target.

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