Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 13 Recap: Kim Hye Soo, Moon Sang Min Find the Missing Piece

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Credit: The Swoon / YouTube screenshot

Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 13 showcases how Kim Hye Soo and Moon Sang Min are close to finding the truth about the Crown Prince’s sudden death.

However, amid the mother and son’s discovery, a possible new villain is about to be discovered.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Viewership

At the height of the drama’s hype and ahead of the much-awaited finale, Kim Hye Soo’s drama scores fell short in viewership.

As obtained by Soompi, Under the Queen’s Umbrella episode 13 hit an average nationwide rating of 12.9 percent. It is a slight decrease from its previous episode of a 13.415 percent rating.

The show’s episode 12 is the drama’s all-time high for the season.

Will the drama recover from the slight slump in viewership?

Where to Watch Under the Queen’s Umbrella?

Helmed by About Time, Twenty Again, and Prince Coffee Lab Director Kim Hyung Shik, Under the Queen’s Umbrella follows the story of Queen Im Hwa Ryeong (Kim Hye Soo) who will do whatever it takes to protect her family against ambitious royals who want to steal their throne.

In the drama, Kim Hae Sook plays the villain Queen Dowager Cho, the King’s mother.

With only a few episodes left, Under the Queen’s Umbrella is scheduled to air every weekend, Saturday and Sunday via tvN and Netflix for subtitles.

Under the Queen’s Umbrella Episode 13 Recap

The episode starts with Queen Im Hwa Ryung stunned by news about his son, Grand Prince Muan.

Courtesan Cho Wol whom the riyal have been seeing came to the palace with a child. She wanted to leave the child to the Queen and explained that she couldn't bear the thought that her daughter would live a hard life if the public knew that she is a daughter of a lowly courtesan.

Instead of taking the child away from her mother, the Queen let Cho Wol live in the palace as one of the courtesans.

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On the other hand, Grand Prince Muan promised to raise his daughter on his own but admitted that he finds it challenging. However, the Queen saw how eager he is to raise her daughter, and with that, she revealed that Courtesan Cho Wol is working for her.

Interestingly, one of the highlights of episode 13 is the Crown Prince’s relationship with the newly hailed Crown Princess.

Rumor sparked that they did not sleep together after the wedding ceremony. What’s worse is that the Crown Princess was seen leaving at one of her brother-in-law's quarters.

From the royal’s marriage, the Queen and Seongnam found something about the late Crown Prince’s death.

Seongnam unexpectedly found a piece from his medical records stating that he started to cough blood after receiving acupuncture treatment from Royal Physician Kwon.

With this, the Queen and Seongnam think that Royal Physician Kwon might have a connection with the Crown Prince’s death.

As for her plan, the Queen reinstated Kwon’s position in the palace and returned as one of the royal physicians.

In addition, Seongnam found out that master Toji, the one he got the medicine to treat the Crown Prince, is the assistant of the physician who looked after the late Crown Prince Taein. He said that he vanished because he was afraid that the palace would kill him but insisted that there is nothing wrong with his prescription.

On the other hand, Seongnam was stunned at Master Toji’s revelation upon seeing the autopsy report of his brother. He said that it is too similar to the report of Crown Prince Taein, hinting that the method of killing was also the same as his brother.

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