Is Undead Unluck Appropriate for Kids? Age Rating Explained

What Is Undead Unluck’s Age Rating? Guide For Parents Andy
Credit: David Production

What Is Undead Unluck’s Age Rating? Guide For Parents Andy
Credit: David Production

Undead Unluck is an action, comedy, and supernatural anime series featuring some powerful and otherworldly characters. But is Undead Unluck appropriate for kids? Here’s an age-rating guide for parents.

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What Is the Undead Unluck Anime’s Rating?

Undead Unluck has been classified as R – 17+ on MyAnimeList owing to its depiction of violence and profanity.

Meanwhile, the series carries a TV-MA rating in the US, signifying that it is not suitable for people under the age of 17.

Undead Unluck showcases mature content unsuitable for children and this rating aligns with the MPAA film classification of R, which restricts viewership of those aged 17 and above.

Even Japan has rated the shounen anime series R18+. But despite its violent content, South Korea has rated Undead Unluck 15.

Taiwan’s LiTV rating has rated the series 6+, and the viewing is limited to ages 6 and older, but supervision is necessary for individuals aged 6-11.

But another rating agency (Bahamut Animation Madness Rating) in Taiwan has classified Undead Unluck 15+. Like Japan, Malaysia has rated this anime 18.

Is Undead Unluck Safe for Children?

Andy and Fuuko in Undead Unluck
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Credit: David Production

Due to its fair share of violent and gory content, Undead Unluck is not suitable for young children.

Moreover, the anime also showcases suicide and depression, making its viewing discretionary.

In the first episode, Fuuko Izumi reveals that she wants to kill herself after finishing her favorite manga.

Fuuko has the power of Unluck and encounters another individual named Andy who has the ability of Undead.

Andy, who also wishes to die, finds out that Fuuko’s Unluck ability is powerful enough to kill someone.

Her mere touch can lead to devastating results for a common mortal, but sadly it doesn’t work on Andy.

Despite failing numerous times, Andy tries to use Fuuko’s body to inflict the wrath of Unluck upon himself. There are plenty of violent and intense scenes in Undead Unluck.

From dismemberment to decapitation, Undead Unluck doesn’t shy away from showcasing absolute brutality.

Episode 1 of the series shows a battle sequence in which Andy is mercilessly slashing and stabbing the villain's sidekicks.

Andy Undead Unluck
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Credit: David Production

Apart from brutal death scenes, Andy is also shown regenerating from his head, and it can be quite a gruesome scene for children.

As mentioned earlier, Andy is always finding new ways to die, and in the opening of Undead Unluck Episode 2, he considers engaging in sexual activity with Fuuko to gauge the potential magnitude of Unluck.

So, there is questionable content like self-destruction and exploitation, which is massively inappropriate for children.

Concerning the language, the characters employ mature dialogue that requires contextual understanding unsuitable for children.

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