Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Gallops On With Season 3 Trailer

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Kitasan Black

Uma Musume Pretty Derby Season 3 Kitasan Black

It might not be the most popular series internationally, but Uma Musume is a huge franchise in Japan. Thanks to its popularity, the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby anime is getting a Season 3, which will be released this year.

This upcoming season of the hit horse girl anime was announced alongside a new trailer that shows off new footage.

A new key visual for the anime was also shared online that reveals its 2023 release schedule.

Uma Musume Season 3 Announcement, New Trailer

Uma Musume Season 3 Satono Diamond
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The anime’s 13-episode first season aired back in 2018, and it took a while for it to get a second season as the focus was more on the game. Three years later, Season 2 finally aired, and it consisted of another 13 episodes.

Now, fans of the franchise can expect to see their favorite horse girls once again as Season 3 is coming this year.

The new trailer gives fans a taste of what to expect as it now follows two up-and-coming racehorses.

Check out the new trailer here:

A story about horse girls training to be the fastest racehorse might be a bit too weird for some, but the series has a massive fanbase in Japan. This is thanks in large part to the mobile game.

Specifically, Uma Musume began with the announcement of a gacha game by Cygames back in 2017.

Though before the game was released, an anime series to promote the game was released a year later.

It may have taken much longer than expected, but the Uma Musume: Pretty Derby mobile game was finally launched in 2021.

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Uma Musume Season 3 Key Visual, Release Date

uma musume season 3 satono diamond
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Both the game and the anime are produced by Cygames, a company that many anime fans know from Akiba Maid War and the upcoming The Marginal Service anime.

For now, it looks like Uma Musume is Cygames’ main focus, especially as the next season is being hyped up with a new visual.

This new visual features the two main characters, Kitasan Black and Satono Diamond.

While they appeared in the second season as supporting characters, Season 3’s story will be centered on them.

Currently, there’s no word yet on a specific release date for Uma Musume: Pretty Derby Season 3. Its streaming platform outside Japan has also yet to be revealed.

However, it’s likely going to be released on Crunchyroll, similar to the first two seasons.

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