Tyra Banks Heartbreak: Ex-Supermodel's 'Dubious' Hosting Skills & 'Diva' Attitude Caused End Of Dancing With The Stars Era? TV Personality Brings Teenage Drag To Discovery+

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Fans were shocked after it was revealed that Tyra Banks would no longer be returning to host Dancing with the Stars after two seasons on the show. Earlier this month, it was announced that the popular American dance competition television series would be moving to Disney+ for its 31st installment after 16 years on ABC.

Most, if not all, avid followers expected some major changes in the Tyra Banks-led show after producer Andrew Llinares left on March 17. The producer became known for feuding with original host Tiom Bergeron and being the cause of his firing in 2019.

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Now, new reports suggested that Tyra Banks is being blamed for destroying Dancing with the Stars with her "dubious hosting skills" and "diva-like behavior" after the once famous series was booted from broadcast TV. Keep reading to know more details.


Tyra Banks Being Blamed For End Of Dancing With The Stars Era

National Enquirer, in its upcoming May 2, 2022 issue, reported fans have held Tyra Banks liable of show's fate, noting her allegedly inept hosting skills and primadonna attitude. An unnamed source told the entertainment news outlet:

"Tyra annoyed audiences and co-workers by making the show all about her. She was strutting around the set like she owned it and seemed oblivious to the disastrous ratings."

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The magazine added the ABC honchos dropped Dancing with the Stars after 30 seasons due to the dimishing number of viewers and the growing backlash over feisty Tyra Banks. The dance competition TV series is slated to premiere on Disney's streaming service with a reported revamp in the works.

Insiders told the publication there is a widespead uproar over the two-season stint of the former supermodel. Tyra Banks reportedly got her claws into Dancing with the Stars following the termination of longtime hosts Tom Bergeron and Erin Andrews after Season 28.

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Tyra Banks disappointed numerous fans of Dancing with the Stars when she announced the incorrect bottom two couples during an elimination round. The host, however, blamed her blunder on her cue card.

Frustrated followers of the show even urged the higher ups to vote Tyra Banks off with an online petition garnering more than 14,000 signatures. The Dancing with the Stars Season 30 was also plagued with controveries after it featured barely popular names such as Olivia Jade Giannulli , social media influencer whose parents are Mossimo Giannulli and Lori Loughlin, allegedly buying her way into the University of Southern California.

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An informant stated:

"When college admission scandal poster girl Olivia Jade is one of your star contestants, that's a big sign to worry."

It added that the dropped in ratings was also one of the primary reasons why a mini-revolt erupted behind the scenes. The source shared:

"Tyra was a disaster, and there's been a ton of sniping that made 'DWTS' a pretty toxic ship toward the end. There's even a rumor they'll be trying to team up with the Kardashians and hire a huge name like Kylie Jenner to co-host or fully replace Tyra. The view is that Tyra contributed in no small part in driving this whole show into the ground."

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Tyra Banks has yet to respond to the claims that she caused the sinking of the Dancing with the Stars ship. So, avid followers of the ex-supermodel should take all these unverified reports lightly until everything is proven true and correct.

Tyra Banks To Exec Produce Teen Drag Series For Discovery+

Meanwhile, Tyra Banks is reportedly set to exec produce Generation Drag for the Discovery+ streaming service. The upcoming show centers on five teenagers and their families as they anticipate their biggest drag performance at Dragutante, a drag show dsigned as a platform for LGBTQ+ teens to express themselves.

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Discovery+ is scheduled to release all six episodes of the Generation Drag series on June 1. It follows Nabela, Bailey, Vinny, Noah and Jameson as they prepare for the big event, including their parents as they head to Denver, Colorado.

Aside from Tyra Banks, Ollie Brack, Rob Schwarze, David St. John, Hayley Lozitsky, Clinton Irey and Jastin Stodel also served as executive producers. Made In Chelsea producer Monkey, which is a part of Universal International Studious, also produced the imminent teenage drag show.

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