Tye Sheridan Shares Thoughts on Marvel Studios' X-Men Reboot

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

X-Men actor Tye Sheridan opened up about the future of the mutant franchise now that Marvel Studios has gained possession of the characters' rights following Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox.

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Credit: 20th Century Fox

Appearing on ComicBook.com's Talking Shop, the 23-year-old actor opened up about the franchise and his thoughts regarding Marvel Studios' impending reboot. When asked if he'd be willing to reprise his Cyclops role which he played in two Fox films, Sheridan shared: "I think it depends a lot on the circumstances and the situation, who's involved, and, but of course, I think that the X-Men stands for something that's really meaningful, you know? And, it's about, you know, it's largely about a group of people who haven't been accepted by society and I think that that still has a lot of resonance in our culture today, in society today and that was, for me, I think that's why we all love the X-Men. They're cool movies and they have cool characters with superpowers but also there are a lot of deeper themes and messages in that franchise that I really appreciate and respect. So as long as we were staying in that realm, you know, of course, I would be open to working and reprising my role further."

Taking about the new direction the X-Men films will be taking now that it's under the supervision of Kevin Feige, he said: "No one really owns those characters right?" Tye added that he'd have zero problems with the project as long as the new actors will give the X-roles justice. "I was excited and honored to play Scott Summers after James Marsden. I always looked up to that guy and I always thought he was super cool in those movies and a good guy and a great actor and I think a lot of people would probably have... They're part of the X-Men franchise now, probably feel the same way towards, all the actors that played the roles before them, it's just, I think it's an honor to kind of fill the shoes if something that's great or someone that's great. I don't think I would feel weird, you know, as long as it... I think they're doing, the cast is doing, the story justice and they're doing the X-Men world justice."

As polarizing as the entire X-Men film franchise was, it can't be denied that Sheridan, along with his co-stars did the best they could to give justice to their characters. And it's not like it was the easiest of tasks considering they had to take over the series from the likes of Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, Halle Berry, James Marsden, Famke Janssen, and Hugh Jackman. If anything, they're just victims of bad writing that could've been improved but hey, it is what it is. Now, we still have no clue as to how Kevin Feige and crew will handle the mutant franchise and they seem to be in no rush to introduce them. One thing's for sure though, Marvel Studios will not repeat the mistakes made by the now-defunct Foxverse.

Sheridan made his last Foxverse appearance in 2019's X-Men: Dark Phoenix.

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