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TXT Huening Kai Net Worth 2022: Is He Worth Millions?

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Credit: Teen Vogue/YouTube Screenshot

TXT Huening Kai is the third member to debut under the group. He officially became a K-pop idol from Big Hit Entertainment in 2019.

The five-member act, where he is the maknae, has continued to become one of today’s most popular K-pop groups across the globe. The artists have also become ambassadors and endorsers of different brands from various industries.

With their growing fame and success, it is not seemingly surprising why fans are curious to know about each celebrity’s net worth. In the case of Huening Kai, followers appear to be eager to learn more about his personal life.

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Is TXT Huening Kai A Millionaire?

There is very little information about the TXT maknae. This applies, as well, to his actual net worth in 2022.

But, based on multiple reports, sources claimed that his wealth falls somewhere between $500,000 and $2 million. Accordingly, it is unclear whether he is, officially, a millionaire.

Huening Kai, nevertheless, seemed to have come from a well-off family. Apart from his siblings, who are K-pop idols, as well, his father is a known celebrity and musician.

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How The Idol Has Amassed His Wealth

The youngest member of TXT appears to have obtained his personal wealth through his career as an official K-pop idol. He has been in the South Korean entertainment industry for three years.

Alongside their performances and music productions, the group, including Huening Kai, has also done several brand endorsements and advertisements.

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Weeks after the group’s debut, the members became the new ambassadors for It’s Skin, which is a South Korean skincare brand. In the same year, Skoolooks named them as their exclusive models for its 2020 collections.

In 2021, their endorsement deals flourished across the globe. They have become icons and ambassadors for various names, including TikTok, GLIDiC (Japan), 4OIN (South Korea), and Smart Communications (Philippines).


In addition to these ventures, Huening Kai also reportedly has other income streams.

Watch this space for more TXT Huening Kai news.

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