Record-breaking Twitch Star Ludwig Moves Exclusively to YouTube Gaming

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Streamer Ludwig, who broke records for his number of subscribers on Twitch, is making a move away from the streaming platform, announcing that he's signed exclusively for YouTube Gaming.

The 26-year-old streamer announced the move on Twitter (below), where he shared a short clip that features him and a friend switching out of a car sporting the iconic purple color scheme of Twitch into another coated in YouTube red, before the words "Streaming exclusively on YouTube Gaming" appear.

In the clip, the pair discuss various topics from hairlines to skin care routines before making a nod towards Twitch's DMCA music strikes: "Don't you get into trouble for playing music?", his friend asks. "Not in this car," Ludwig said.

Ludwig is not the first major streamer to make a move to YouTube Gaming; Earlier this year, popular Call of Duty: Warzone streamer TimTheTatMan made the move. Dr Disrespect, who was banned from Twitch, has also been streaming on YouTube Gaming.

It's likely that Twitch will likely be hoping that other streamers don't follow suit, but the company shared a classy response to Ludwig's move on Twitter, saying: "You're a mogul in every sense, Ludwig. Best of luck and keep doing big things out there."

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Earlier this year, Ludwig ran a 31-day non-stop stream that made him break Twitch's subscriber record, overtaking the previous holder, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins. The plan for the stream was to keep it going until viewers stopped subscribing - with every addition subscriber to his channel adding ten more seconds onto the time. While Ludwig initially thought that the event might last a da or two, it continued for the duration of a month, during which he streamed day and night.


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