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TWICE Tzuyu Diet 2022: Is The Feels Singer Now Vegan?

Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Tzuyu is the maknae of the group. While she may be the youngest member, she is also the official visual of the act.

It is not surprising that she has the position, considering her beauty and figure. Reports said that she is even known for her “golden visuals.”

Natural features and characteristics play essential roles in her overall appearance. Even so, the idol’s day-to-day diet is an integral factor, as well, in maintaining her figure and keeping her in shape.

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Does TWICE Tzuyu Now Follow A Vegan Diet?

Co-member Momo said back in 2020 that she and the rest of the group often go out to eat meat in restaurants. She also revealed that she, Tzuyu, and Chaeyoung all “love pork,” according to Kpop Starz.

But, this has since changed in the case of the group’s maknae. As stated, she has begun cutting off red meat in her diet since 2021. She has reportedly focused on consuming vegetables and some white meat choices.

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At the time, the youngest member of TWICE shared that she has become fond of searching for vegan restaurants and cafes. This then led the publication to conclude that the K-pop idol is not afraid of ultimately becoming a vegan.

There is no official word, however, on whether Tzuyu now follows a completely vegan diet. But, if she does, it would no longer come as a shock to fans and followers.

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Starting A Pescetarian Diet

The TWICE maknae is said to have begun avoiding eating red meat since last year. She has since followed a pescetarian diet, which is similar to a vegetarian diet but allows minimal consumption of fish.

She did not disclose, though, what specific foods she eats in this type of diet, according to Health-Yogi. Moreover, she did not share why she started avoiding red meat, except that she wanted to do it.

Despite this, fans have since assumed that her love for animals is what caused her to change her diet.

Watch this space for more TWICE Tzuyu news.

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