TWICE Jeongyeon Home 2022: Is She Still Neighbors With ITZY Chaeryeong?

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

The living arrangements and property ownerships of K-pop idols are a common subject of discussion among fans and followers. As a member of one of the most popular K-pop acts to date, TWICE Jeongyeon is no stranger to these kinds of talks.

While there is very little information regarding the idol’s real estate portfolio, K-pop watchers get to learn some details through the group’s and its members’ interviews and appearances.

In one of Jeongyeon’s previous engagements, she revealed being neighbors with ITZY Chaeryeong and other artists from JYP Entertainment.

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Moving Into A New Neighborhood

In 2019, the TWICE member shared with her audience that she moved back to her parents’ new home, according to Koreaboo. She consequently stated that the neighborhood is also a home to several K-pop idols, like ITZY Chaeryeong, IZ*ONE Chaeyeon, and Stray Kids Changbin.

The ITZY member confirmed it, later on, and revealed how they learned about being neighbors. She said Jeongyeon texted her and asked whether a JYP artist lives in [the] neighborhood.

Chaeryeong responded, “me,” causing her senior to laugh. She, then, stated that the TWICE member told her she had moved in the same neighborhood.

As to whether they still share the same living area, no confirmations have emerged. It is not surprising, though, considering that the K-pop idols have always maintained their privacy in terms of their personal lives.

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About TWICE's Shared Apartment

TWICE is among the few K-pop acts that has a luxurious and grand shared apartment. A separate report from Koreaboo in 2018 said that the dorm is a duplex apartment, which is spacious enough for all nine members.

It reportedly features five rooms and six bathrooms. As for the specific room arrangements, no information has come to light.

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But, it is unclear whether the nine members are all still living together. It is also undisclosed whether they have already moved to a new shared apartment or remained in the same property.


There are talks, however, that TWICE allegedly has three shared units in one apartment complex. Also, it is reportedly believed that Jeongyeon stays with her family when the group has no activities.

Watch this space for more TWICE Jeongyeon news.

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