TWICE Jeongyeon Diet 2022: How She Slimmed Down After Apparent Weight Gain

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

TWICE Jeongyeon sparked talks and discussions when she returned to the K-pop scene earlier in 2021. She took a break in October 2020 due to health reasons.

While many were happy to see her again, alongside the rest of the group, her return caused shock among the fandom. As it happened, she had gained weight in the last three months, and it was apparent before the public’s eyes.

Months later, though, TWICE made an official comeback. Jeongyeon, once again, surprised their audience because she lost significant weight for their promotions.

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How Jeongyeon Lost Nearly 20 lbs

Reports said that the K-pop idol lost about 8 kilos or 17.6 pounds. She did not, however, make a full disclosure about how she did it.

Health-Yogi noted, as well, that no reliable source has been able to uncover the TWICE member’s diet regimen. It did point out, however, that the idol loves to eat and “enjoys a lot of food,” especially when the group has no upcoming commitments.

Nevertheless, the publication made an assumption as to how Jeongyeon lost weight. It provided an effective diet program to achieve a result similar to the K-pop idol.

For breakfast, an avocado toast and some eggs will do. As for lunch, a complete meal, which includes a bowl of rice, soup, vegetable salad, and chicken, appears to be ideal.

When it comes to dinner, it recommends taking chicken soup or vegetable soup to end the day.

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TWICE Jeongyeon And Her Weight Gain

Kpop Starz reported that fans were aware of what happened to Jeongyeon. She took her first break from TWICE in late 2020 because of her health condition.

In the three months of her hiatus, she was treating her herniated disc. Alongside this, she was also taking medications for her anxiety disorder.

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Many believed that the K-pop idol’s weight gain was the side effect of her condition, as well as the medications. This is why fans, especially ONCEs, reportedly felt “sorry” for her.

Even so, Jeongyeon did not receive any hateful comments from netizens. She instead obtained praise for her strength and support for what she has been going through.


Watch this space for more TWICE Jeongyeon news.

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