ITZY Ryujin Takes Nothing For Pores, Skin Except This

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Credit: JYP Entertainment/YouTube Screenshot

K-pop idols take good care of their visuals as it plays an essential role in their respective careers. This explains why having skincare regimens is a must for them, except for ITZY Ryujin.

The group leader is among the South Korean celebrities who have stunning appearances. Aside from her gorgeous looks and captivating facial features, she also has clear and youthful skin that complements her overall visuals.

This seemingly makes many fans wonder how she improves and maintains the glow of her skin. But, to the surprise of the fandom, Ryujin does not follow any skincare regimen.

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Ryujin Has No Skincare Routine

The ITZY leader made the revelation in an interview with Seventeen, according to Koreaboo. The four-member act had the sit-down engagement earlier in 2021, wherein they talked about several topics, including their dream tours and beauty hacks.

When asked about their skincare secrets, Ryujin shared that she is “lazy to do many skincares.” So, she prioritizes hydration by drinking “enough water” for her skin.

Koreaboo described the idol’s skincare secret as “very simple.” But, despite the simplicity, it noted that drinking water or hydration itself is an “important part of skincare.”

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Top Beauty Trends ITZY Ryujin Follows

The ITZY member has, nevertheless, followed several top beauty trends in the last few years. Cosmopolitan said that they appeared to be her “favorite” picks, adding that she always pulls them off.

Aside from her ever-changing hair color, Ryujin has also sported a bob cut several times. When she debuted it in 2020, it reportedly shocked the fandom because it was a genuine transformation from her lob.

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The K-pop idol has worn red lips and colored eyeliners, as well. As stated, these trends have made her look more iconic and stunning.

Meanwhile, ITZY has recently postponed their scheduled live event, “February Official Fanclub Live.” Following the announcement, JYP Entertainment released an official statement informing the fans about Ryujin’s COVID-19 positive test result.


Watch this space for more ITZY Ryujin news.

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