TWICE Jihyo’s Sister Lee Ha Eum to Debut as an Actress, Signs Contract With Starhaus Entertainment



TWICE Jihyo's sister, Lee Ha Eum, will start her own journey in the industry.

All TWICE members — except Sana — have siblings. For Jihyo's part, the girl group leader grew up as the oldest of three siblings. She has two younger sisters, Park Seo Yeon and Park Ji Young.

Jihyo's younger sister, Park Ji Young, garnered popularity for her resemblance to TWICE's Nayeon and having a NewJeans-like vibe. Amid her sister's popularity, Park Ji Young — whose stage name as a model is Lee Ha Eum — will also dominate another industry.

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Park Ji Young to Debut as an Actress as Lee Ha Eum

Starhaus Entertainment's official YouTube channel and website confirmed that Lee Ha Eum signed with the acting agency. The same announcement was shared on its Instagram page.

"Introducing you to our new family, rookie actress Lee Ha Eum. Please kindly give her lots of support," the caption reads.

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Following the deal, she is expected to formally appear in several K-dramas and films as she starts her journey as an actress.

Before signing a contract with them, Lee Ha Eum has also been working as a model. Her new agency released photos of her that highlight her beauty while showing different concepts.

As of press time, Starhaus Entertainment is currently home to renowned actors, including Yoo Jun, Lee Tae Ri, Song Won Seok, Song Soo Hyun and more.

Lee Ha Eum Gets Compared to Nayeon

Lee Ha Eum previously became the subject of a Pann Nate post where users shared photos of her from her modelling work. Internet users said she looks like Jihyo's co-member, Nayeon.

The photoset in question shows the model wearing winter outfits, with her milky skin complementing everything she donned.

They also compared her to NewJeans member, Hyein. Still, the public said she shines in her own way.

TWICE's fans have known the members' families as they have been open about them. For instance, Jihyo once surprised one of her siblings and went to the Segok Middle School to attend her graduation.

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