TVXQ Yunho TV Comeback: Netizens Seem Unhappy With U-Know’s New K-Drama

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Credit: SMTOWN/YouTube Screenshot

TVXQ’s Yunho will reportedly make his TV comeback in the new K-drama Race. However, it looks like netizens are not happy about it.

Yunho was embroiled in a controversy after breaking quarantine rules last year. As some of his fans believe he has tarnished his clean image with that incident, they seem unready for his return yet.

Yunho’s New K-Drama

Sports Chosun reported, via AllKpop, that the 36-year-old actor would be joining the cast of a new K-drama.

The show will follow the story of two individuals, Park Yoon Jo and Ryu Jae Min, who live different lives despite being of the same age.

Park Yoon Jo is a famous personality, while Ryu Jae Min wishes to create a better world though he expects nothing from his company. Despite their differences, these two will fall in love with each other.

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In the show, Yunho will reportedly play the role of Seo Dong Hoon, the head of an agency called Earth Communication.

He was born in the U.S. but studied middle and high school in Korea. He then graduated with a major in Design at New York Art School.

Fans Oppose Yunho’s K-Drama Return

Though a year has passed since Yunho got involved in the quarantine controversy, fans still oppose his K-drama return.

In a discussion on The Qoo, some fans questioned his comeback.

"Oh man, he's making a comeback with a drama?" one fan said.

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"Even if it weren't for his controversy, his acting is...not that great," another claimed.

The other comments go from saying that they don’t look forward to seeing his new show to asking the show’s producers why they cast Yunho.

Yunho Broke Quarantine Rules

Earlier last year, news broke that the police investigated Yunho for breaking quarantine rules by staying at a restaurant until 12 a.m. KST.

Knowing the singer-songwriter had a “squeaky-clean image,” fans couldn’t believe the news.

He then got lauded for issuing a personal apology for violating social distancing guidelines, ending up receiving more support from his fans.

However, as the investigation continued, it was revealed that he was drinking at the time at an unauthorized entertainment business registered as a general restaurant.

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This news shocked his supporters, even more, feeling betrayed after showing him their support amid breaking quarantine rules.


So in September 2021, he issued another apology on Instagram and addressed the issue.

“First, I want to sincerely apologize to everyone who was disappointed in me due to the previous incident,” he said. “As a person who received much love from people, I want to apologize once again for not being able to keep the quarantine guidelines as I met with my friends after 10 PM back in February.”

“I apologize for causing much concern due to my carelessness and not carefully looking at the place I was at,” Yunho added. “I will reprimand myself even more and self-reflect so that this will not happen again in the future.”

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