Charlie Puth X BTS: Hints At Possible Collaboration Between Two Music Giants Is In The Works

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Credit: Bustle/YouTube Screenshot

Charlie Puth seems to be dropping hints after hints that collaboration with BTS is in the works.

From showing his support to wearing the group’s merch, it looks like his posts are always connected to BTS as of late. So, will there be a Charlie Puth x BTS coming fans’ way?

Charlie Puth’s Posts about BTS

The singer-songwriter shared a shot of the band’s visit to the White House to talk about Asian hate on his Instagram story.

He also liked a post by Jungkook on the same day, who recently returned to the Instagram world, AllKpop noted.

Not only that, though. Earlier this month, the “Light Switch” hitmaker also showed his TinyTAN gear while working out. This even resulted in some fans envying Charlie Puth, knowing that the hoodie is a rare item.

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To add more fuel to the fire, these posts come after the American performer told fans, “I’m so excited to tell you this one thing,” in an update on Twitter on May 22.

Sadly, he didn’t reveal when he would say that exciting news. With that said, some fans started to cast their predictions on what he’s working on.

They noticed that he kept on dropping hints, while others observed that he seemed to want everyone to guess what he was doing.

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“It’s something with Jungkook, isn’t it,” one fan asked.

Hints That There Will Be Charlie Puth x BTS In The Works

The rumors about Charlie Puth and BTS's collaboration began when Jungkook revealed he wanted to work with the “Attention” singer.

Aside from the American personality following the South Korean songwriter, Matthew Daniel Siskin, who directs most of Charlie Puth’s songs, also followed Jungkook on Instagram, per HITC.

Knowing that these two are both open to collaborating with other artists, many are convinced that new music is coming.

If this happens, this will not be the first time they will be working together.

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Charlie Puth and Jungkook previously performed together at the MBCPLUS X genie music AWARDS, singing “We Don’t Talk Anymore.”

Alternatively, Jungkook also seemed to hint that he’s working on a new project after wiping clean his Instagram.

It was the first time he did it after debuting on the app in December 2021, which led to assumptions that he was about to make an important announcement.


Charlie Puth seemed to follow suit in January when he said he would announce new music.

Though nothing is confirmed yet, fans are all hopeful that there will be a BTS x Charlie Puth collaboration.

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