Turles and Cooler Join Dragon Ball Legends

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Dragon Ball Legends continues to be doing well, offering fast-paced action and plenty of fighters from the series' history. As the game makes its way to the Android Saga, adding Super Saiyan versions of Vegeta and Trunks in the process, a recent update has added two more fan-favorite characters. Movie villains Turles and Cooler (called Coora, his Japanese name) can now be unlocked.

On Twitter, we get to see some of their special moves in the game. Turles uses his neat Kill Driver, which is an energy ring that does plenty of damage to his foes. He can also eat a fruit from the Tree of Might, which gives him a boost in damage.


Cooler uses his finger beam and eye beams as his special moves. Fans might be bummed that the version we see is his fourth form and not his cool Shredder-like final form but they can add that in a future update.

Also added was a shirtless version of Goku, which may or may not appeal to fans. Okay, he's not just shirtless but battle damaged, which does make him look a bit cooler (heh) than usual and his finisher is the mini-Spirit Bomb. Still, if you have Super Saiyan Goku, you aren't missing much.

Dragon Ball Legends can be downloaded for free on iOS and Android, though it also has in-game purchases.

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