TRON: Legacy Director Believes a Sequel Will Come Soon

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TRON: Legacy came out way back in 2010, and ten years later, people are still wondering where in the world is TRON 3. What's interesting is, Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has opened up about what he thinks about the franchise, and says there's still potential for a third film to happen.

Talking to ComicBook, Kosinski explained:

"There's always been an interest since Legacy [for a sequel]. There's always been talk and murmuring of doing another and continuing the story… I was in China a few years ago and saw them building the TRON ride in Shanghai, which, apparently, is pretty amazing, I would love to experience that at some point. I think it's still a nice jewel in the crown of Disney IP and I think there are fans and people petitioning and pushing to continue it inside the halls of Disney. So I think it could happen."


When TRON: Legacy came out, it definitely hooked the audience with its dazzling visuals and sounds. I guess if it did have a weak point, it would definitely be the lackluster story.

With all the reboots coming out, I think it would be good if Disney just decided to stay on IP that actually deserves a follow-up. If anything, Kosinski just thinks it's a matter of time before Disney decides to take another look at TRON 3. He continues:

"Like anything, it just needs the right confluence of ... it's all about timing and the right elements and everything's got to come together for a movie to happen. I think it's possible and I think it's worthy of it. I think there's enough ideas in the franchise, and the fact that it is so unique and nothing else looks or sounds like it, that TRON story. There is, I think, a future for the franchise and I hope they keep making them."

We don't know when Disney will eventually make a third TRON, but you bet I'm going to be lining up for a return to the Grid… whenever that happens.

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