TRON 3 Starring Jared Leto Officially Moves Forward with ‘Lion’ Director

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Word had come out last month that Disney was expecting to make a third TRON movie starring Jared Leto, and while Disney hadn't made any direct updates on that news, we now have reports that they've found someone to helm the film.

According to Deadline, Lion director Garth Davis has been hired to direct the third TRON movie with Leto expected to star. Davis has been known for his smaller films like Mary Magdalene and Lion, and TRON would be his first big-budget film. Indie directors taking on large movies have been known to be a problem in the past, but the source says that Davis was so aggressive when it came to pursuing TRON 3 that he eventually won over Disney execs.

We don't know what to expect when it comes to this TRON sequel, but it was said that the plan for the original follow-up to TRON: Legacy was to have the world of the Grid come to human reality. They could very well do the same for this third movie, but I think they would have to bring back original stars Olivia Wilde and Garret Hedlund. If anything, I can imagine a completely new story of the Grid without following up on the last film.

No word has also come out on whether this will be a theatrical release of Disney+ film, but seeing that TRON is all about the visuals, I would expect Disney to want to make money off a theatrical release.


Personally, I thought TRON: Legacy was a spectacle of a film. While I'm not that big a fan of the narrative, the world of the Grid looked fantastic and it was definitely worth delving into. Hopefully, this third film will keep to the aesthetic, and my fingers are crossed they bring back Daft Punk for the score.

No release date has been set for TRON 3.

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