Tron 3 in Development with Jared Leto Expected to Star

Though Tron: Legacy was met with mixed reviews, the world was still fantastic, and there has been a call for a third film. What's interesting is, Disney is currently working on a third Tron movie, and what's more, Jared Leto is said to be attached.

According to The DisInsider, development for Tron 3 is underway and the search for the director is still ongoing. Jared Leto is said to be the star this time, but it's possible that we could get a return from characters in the last movie.

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Credit: Jared Leto in Blade Runner 2049

Originally there were plans for a third film called Tron: Ascension, and it would have dealt with the Grid making its way into the real world. It's not clear if this sequel would follow that story, but I guess it would make sense if they wanted to build more of the world. I would very much like a return of Olivia Wilde's Quorra.

On another note, there are fans hoping that Daft Punk would be asked to make a return for the soundtrack. A lot of people really loved what they brought into the Legacy, but for now, it looks like they aren't officially attached. Since music is usually the last thing that's added to a film, I imagine there's a lot of time to court them into making a soundtrack for Tron 3.

No release date has been set for this movie, but fans have been waiting years for a third Tron. Fingers crossed it hits theaters sometime in 2023, but that's just me being too optimistic.

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