Tron 3 Taps Past Lives Star Greta Lee as the Female Lead

Past Lives
Credit: A24

Past Lives
Credit: A24

After years of being in development, Disney is finally moving forward with the production of the third Tron film titled Tron: Ares, the next installment to the House of Mouse's cyberpunk franchise.

We know that Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto is leading the third film this time around and he was recently joined by Evan Peters. However, there is no confirmation yet whether Jeff Bridges will reprise his iconic role of Kevin Flynn.

Now, we have yet again another new update about the film and it sounds like they have recruited its female lead to join Leto and Peters in the next installment.

Greta Lee is Joining the Cast of Tron: Ares

Tron: Legacy
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According to The Hollywood Reporter, Past Lives star Greta Lee has been cast as the female lead of Tron: Ares. She is the third cast member to have joined the film after Leto and Peters.

She will be playing a video game programmer and tech company CEO who has to go on the run in order to protect her world-changing technology.

Joachim Rønning is directing the film. It is scheduled to begin production in Vancouver this August although the ongoing writers' strike could potentially prevent that.

The third film, which is written by Jesse Wigutow and Jack Thorne, will focus on "the emergence of a sentient program that crosses over into the human world that is not ready for contact."

Leto will be playing the role of Ares, the manifestation of the program. The film will also differ from the previous installments since they were largely set inside the world of computers and programs.

Lee's casting comes as her recently starred film Past Lives became one of the most critically-acclaimed movies this year and has received Oscar buzz including the actress' performance. She recently had a voice role in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse.

It is certainly exciting that Lee got cast in a high-profile project like this and there is no doubt that this could make her a more well-known actress since she will be one of the main leads. It is curious to see how she'll fare well with Leto and Peters in the film.

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Disney has not set a release date yet for Tron: Ares.

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