TRON 3 Gets Official Title; Jared Leto Confirms Involvement

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It looks like Jared Leto is really getting into franchise roles after Joker in Suicide Squad. Besides the incoming Morbius film with Sony, it's been reported that he's going to star in Disney's upcoming TRON movie. What's more, he actually revealed the title, but deleted his original post.

According to The DisInsider, the movie will be titled TRON: Ares with Leto said to be playing the titular role. We don't really know if Leto is the villain or the protagonist, but counting his track record (and every character named Ares), he's likely going to be the main villain.

This was Leto's post on IG:

While Leto has played protagonists before, I think it's very likely that he's going to be the big bad of the film. Besides Joker, he did a fantastic job with Blade Runner 2049, and I'm sure his Morbius character is an antihero. With Leto's reputation off-camera, I think nobody is going to cast him as some hero for a long time.

We don't know what kind of story TRON: Ares will have, but the original plan for TRON: Ascension was said to have the realm of the Grid come to the ‘real world'. Maybe Ares will be the one taking over for Clu and planning an invasion of the human world? Maybe Ares is just there to torment whoever the users or the programs are? Until Disney gives us an official rundown, we'll just have to wait and see.

No release date has been set for TRON: Ares.

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