17 Oct 2019 3:19 PM +00:00

Trisha Hershberger Explains Why Magic: The Gathering is The Most Successful Trading Card Game in The World


Actress and model Trisha Hershberger, who's best known for her host work on the YouTube channel, SourceFed, recently shared her experience as a Magic: The Gathering player during her recent Starting Roll interview with James Hudson of the GammaRay YouTube channel.

In the video, Hershberger explains why Magic: The Gathering is the most successful trading card game in the world while saying that the Pokemon: Trading Card Game is MTG for babies. 

Watch the video below: 


"I think it's several things," Hershberger said. "I would say early game, the big thing about it was that it was very cleverly-positioned in a way that it was like okay, when you're in between tabletop RPG sessions which take a while and you just need something to do, here's a quicker fantasy-based game that you can sit down and play in small groups, and so I think it really caught people's attention because of that, because people like living in fantasy worlds. But after that honestly, it's the complexity of the game and how well-balanced it is." 

Hershberger went on to explain how the five colors of Magic are incredibly well-balanced, and giving people the ability to strategize with the decks they have, in deck-building and card-collecting "gives so many layers to this game". She continued to explain why Magic is the most successful trading card game in the world. "But because you can keep going deeper, deeper, and deeper, I think it holds people's attention." 


That was an intelligent answer, Hershberger! She's right. In fact, based on a recent study, Magic is officially the most complex game in the world. 

The whole interview is worth watching as Hershberger gives great advice for content creators and side-hustling. 

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