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Tribe Nine Episode 3 Release Date

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In episode two, Taiga and Hull were amazed by XB so they decided to join the Minato Tribe. They were taught the basic rules of XB in order to play it right. Saori Arisugawa, the deputy leader, was the one who taught them more about the game. During this time, Taiga realized that he was not good at studying.

Kamiya saw the situation and proposed that they should have a practice game instead. It was a good suggestion so that Taiga and Hull can see the rules and strategies of the game while playing. While the Minato Tribe was busy with their recruits, King Neo Tokyo’s Ho-Oh Tenshin gave an order to the Chiyoda Tribe. What is that order? Fans will have to find out in episode three.

Tribe Nine Episode 3 Details

Tribe Nine Episode 3 Release Date
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Credit: Funimation
Tribe Nine Episode 3 Release Date

Episode three of Tribe Nine will be released on January 24, 2022 on Tokyo MX and other channels. Medialink has acquired a license to stream it in Oceania, South Asia, and South Asia. Those residing outside of Asia can anticipate the new episodes on Funimation.

The streaming giant co-produced the series which is why it was no surprise that they added it to their library. Non-members have a chance to watch Tribe Nine and other anime on the site for free thanks to the free trial period. Once the period is over, viewers will have to register and pay $5.99 per month. The site also has a yearly plan of $59.99 for those who wish to pay less than the monthly rate. This is ideal for those who are sure that they will be streaming tons of episodes on the site.

The anime has English subtitles for international fans. As for the English dubbed version, Funimation has not yet confirmed if the anime will get one. There is still a chance, though, as the streaming platform is known to offer dubbed versions of its titles.

Tribe Nine is a sports anime that focuses on Extreme Baseball or XB. What makes the series interesting is that the game requires players to use electric shocks, mech kits, and arm cannons. The players have their own unique approach when it comes to playing the game which adds charm to the series.

Tribe Nine Episode 3 Countdown

Tribe Nine Episode 3 Countdown

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