Tribe Nine Episode 2 Release Date

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Episode one of Tribe Nine took viewers to a world of gangs. The sci-fi sports anime focuses on gangs who play Extreme Baseball or XB. This type of sport requires players to use mech kits, electric shocks, and arm cannons. Each player has his or her own approach to the game which adds entertainment to the viewers.

The premiere episode focuses on Taiga who is known as “The World’s Best Tuna Fisherman from Abroad”. He saved Haru Shirogane and challenged Shun Kamiya to play Extreme Baseball. As expected, fans saw Taiga’s unique approach to the game which includes a visual metaphor of the sea. While fans have a lot of questions regarding the game, they would have to tune in to the next episode to learn more about XB.

Tribe Nine Episode 2 Details

Tribe Nine Episode 2 Release Date
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Tribe Nine Episode 2 Release Date

Tribe Nine is unlike any other sports anime out there. There is a lot of visual representation to explain the player’s mind and feelings, just like what was shown in episode one. Since Taiga relates the game to fishing, it was not a surprise that their surroundings looked like the sea to explain Taiga’s perspective of the game.


The anime took advantage of its power to create scenes that live-action series cannot do. With its advanced graphics and animation, the episode gave viewers a view of Taiga’s mind which further explains more about his personality.

Episode two of Tribe Nine will be released on January 17, 2022 at 8:30 AM US EST. It will be available on Funimation for viewers outside of Asia. It has been confirmed that the streaming company also co-produced the series which is why some fans are expecting an English dubbed version over time. Funimation has been releasing dubbed versions of its titles and since it co-produced Tribe Nine, the possibility for this version to be released is high.

The streaming giant has a membership fee of $5.99 per month or $59.99 per year. There is a free trial period for those who are new to the site to watch Tribe Nine and other titles for free. What will happen to Taiga and Shirogane?

Tribe Nine Episode 2 Countdown

Tribe Nine Episode 2 Countdown


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