TREASURE Announces 2022 Comeback With First Teaser Trailer

Credit: TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube Screenshot

Credit: TREASURE (트레저)/YouTube Screenshot

The overall formation and development of TREASURE seemingly took nearly a decade. It was only in mid-2020 when the all-male K-pop group officially debuted with a total of 12 members.

Despite the years-long processes, though, the act quickly rose to global fame and success. Moreover, they have already obtained several nominations and even won some of them.

This explains why fans previously longed for the group’s comeback after their last album. But, the long wait is over as the K-pop band is about to return soon.

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The Second Step To The TREASURE Effect

On Tuesday, TREASURE dropped the first official teaser trailer for their return to the music space. AllKpop reported that the material unveils the title and release date of their upcoming track collection.

As reiterated, the group's comeback will arrive in the form of a mini-album, carrying the title THE SECOND STEP: CHAPTER ONE. It will serve as their first mini track collection, which will be available starting from February 15.

The teaser trailer also urges fans to join the group in its "second step to the treasure effect," hinting at another potential tetralogy.

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The Group's Tetralogy Following Debut

Soompi recalled that TREASURE previously dropped three single albums titled THE FIRST STEP. It houses three "chapters," which went public in August, September, and November of 2020, respectively, following their official debut.

The three music collections culminated in their first studio album, THE FIRST STEP: TREASURE EFFECT. The group released the material in January 2021 and amassed over one million in sales of copies, making it a "Million Seller."

The 12-member K-pop act and YG Entertainment have yet to confirm whether they will go for another tetralogy. But, with the invite toward the "second step to the treasure effect" on the teaser trailer, there is a possibility that the future music releases of the group will be another compound work.

So far, these are the only details that have been shared before the public. It is likely that TREASURE, alongside their agency, will drop more information in the next few weeks.

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