Train To Busan Director Teases Plans for Third Film

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There is little doubt that Train to Busan was a global phenomenon back in 2016, so much so that it spawned a sequel and an American remake is currently in the works. However, Yeon Sang-ho doesn't intend to stop there. The director has just shared his plans for a third movie that would complete a truly terrifying trilogy.

Back in 2016, people were blown away by Train to Busan and it wasn't just because of the fast-moving zombies. The film also featured some of South Korea's most talented actors including Gong-yoo, Choi Woo-shik, and Don Lee, who would go on to play Gilgamesh in Eternals. So it's no surprise that a second movie Peninsula was immediately greenlighted.

But are we going to see more of these zombies in the future? Yeon recently spoke to Variety where he was asked if he would consider working on a series based on Train to Busan. Instead, he stated that he wants to direct another movie set in the same universe.

"There are a lot of ideas I've been tossing around but I personally think that for Train to Busan, I would like to continue that as a film series," Yeon said. He then pointed out that a spin-off show will not work as well in South Korea.

"In Korea, the circumstances are not very favorable to create a series in the Korean language with visuals that are comparable to Train to Busan the film and also, you know, I have to work with ... the distributor that we started on the original film as well," Yeon stated. "So I think taking into consideration all of those conditions, a film series would be the most feasible."

It's not a surprise that Yeon turned down the possibility of working on a spin-off show based in the same universe as Train to Busan. Considering that South Korea has strict rules about what can be shown on TV, a TV series about zombies would have to be censored heavily so it's better to go with a movie instead.

Train to Busan also spawned an animated prequel film Seoul Station before the second live-action film was released. The American remake titled Last Train to New York is currently in development but that wouldn't count as part of Yeon's film series.

The third movie set in the same universe as Train to Busan has not yet been officially announced. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.

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