02 Feb 2017 11:58 AM +00:00 UTC

Top 5 Things Magic: The Gathering Online Can Learn From Pokemon TCG Online

There's been a lot of talk about Magic Online after Wizards of the Coast announced about the improvements they're making this year. Many Magic: The Gathering players would agree that the best trading card game doesn't have the best online interface and experience. There are ways Magic Online can improve, and they can learn from other online strategic card games like Hex and Pokemon TCG Online.

The Professor from Tolarian Community College YouTube channel created the video in which he lists the Top 5 things that MTGO can learn from Pokemon TCG Online. Pokemon TCG Online does a great job incentivizing players to keep playing, so why can't Wizards bring a more rewarding system even for just free games in MTGO? He made some great points, especially the part about product codes and tutorial. The features he mentioned would encourage more non-online players to actually try MTGO. Watch the video below: 

Here's the list of features found in Pokemon TCG Online that would make MTGO much better:


Honorable mention: daily rewards

#5 - Rewards Ladder

#4 - Offline Trading System

#3 - Playable Decks for New Accounts

#2 - Product Codes

#1- Online Tutorial

What do you think about these features? Would they encourage you to play MTGO?

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